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Deli Reviews

Today in search of another downtown deli or food stop.


Caplanskys Deli, 31 March 2012.

Location: Toronto, On. Just outside Kensington Market.

Second day home after a one year trip abroad which turned into three, I had my first meal at this relativley new deli.

Toronto smoked meat for god sakes….

Hand carved, proper rye, slaw and pickle of course.

Good proper menu otherwise.

College and Spadina, west on Spadina…north side.

Thank you zane.


Montreal Deli, 20 Feb 2012

Location: Dundas St West. Just past the 427 on the north side.

This place has been a convenient rest stop for some of the better medium end meats.  Never disappoints for sure, as the sandwiches are piled roof high.  Simpistic as it should be – the sandwich that is –  as are most of the deli and offerings.  More of a converted 70’s Swiss Chalet than anything….the Montreal Deli does in fact hold its own.  Regular smoked meat or “ole fashioned” are both on the menu giving up the appearance that this is the legit shit. Great plates are served but only after using a slicer for the meat……a bit of a faux pas.  None the less, at $12 for the combo that can easily go home as leftovers, it is good value. Pretty easy to distinguish that Lesters Meats are providing the source of this gluttony. Not the best of the best but, Id take it rather that leave it, 9 times out of 10.


NEXT UP: Yitz, Moe Pancers, Steeles…in no prticular order.

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