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Argos Admirals. social media team

Argos Admirals

29 Aug 12

Well now that the CFL season is well underway and things are moving along towards the labour day classics and fall weather football, its about time to introduce the Argos Admirals.

Consisting of a group of around a dozen Toronto Argonaut fans, we have been brought on board to contribute content – about the team and the league – to the various social media outlets available today.  Having been hired in early June, this group of enthusiasts have been writing and uploading and tweeting and talking and yelling (while at the games), in all forms and fashion about the Toronto Argonauts.  Being a big supporter of the club myself, it was natural to get involved and I was one of the lucky hires of this group.

We will be working all the way towards and through the 100th edition of the Grey Cup to be played in Toronto this coming November.

You can find information, details, events, contests, and all things Argos via facebook, our website, the Argos official website and twitter…..simply search ARGOS ADMIRALS.

Having been a fan for my entire life it is certainly welcoming to get involved with the club in this fashion.  We work out of the head offices on King st in Toronto in a room called M31, and on game days we are in the press box and in the stands at the dome.  Anything going on in Argoland or regarding the Grey Cup will come right through our channels via the club.

argosadmirals.com Great articles with player interviews, summaries, predictions, and stories from the past.

Admirals on official Argos website With links to twitter, pintrest and reddit.

Facebook page with lots photos, video, and banter.

….and the painting continued.

13 June 2012

Amongst other things going on, there was another painting job on the horizon, but really though, it did come out of the blue.

A friend requested some help doing some inside rooms and hallways, walls and trim…….ceilings as well.

Stayed over a couple of times.  Worked during the day and connected online doing other work also…..stay connected.

One job always turns into the next, Im supposed to go back on Monday.

The work is turning out well.  In the mean time, I feel like Picasso.

Irons in the fire??…….then youre painting your buddies place.

Without any big explanation, Ive been painting my friends place over the past week.  Nice to do outdoors and with the good weather lately.  Returning to a trade I left some years ago (meaning: painting for cash on the side), it actually has been quite nice to be working on a project for a few runs in the sun.

I wished I took a picture of the before and after but alas I didnt.  It is coming together and looks good. Spent 3 days on trim and prep, 2 days on painting………using a sprayer – and thus the skill for which I landed the gig. Last, shutters and door, and done in the next day or two.

While working, something I gained appreciation for: CBC 99.1 morning radio.

Something on radio that upset me: Edge 102 playing the same list of 102 “best ever” songs each day….SamE! SongS! each day….and that meant OurladyPeace 5 times in the playlist (thanks Canadian Content)…..hip 5 songs as well, which was fine with me.

How to turn your effort to your advantage: have wifi avaialable and have a look on a break or lunch.  Send a couple emails or quotes and youre essentially working from anywhere.  Balance two or three things at once……it means youre never not working………but then again, maybe youre never really working….but for sure at least youre enjoying it.

On to the next one.  I looked at the neighbours place next door…..it could certainly use the work as well………it would look tip top with a bit of effort, with me doing it.  Projects like these I like to spin into another…….it really is a nice gig.

Afternoon drive in Niagara with good tunes (video)

Trying my hand at uploading some video to be able to start to add some to my posts.  I just enjoy listening to the City and Colour song on this one. 

Hitch driving and Corporate along for the ride as well.

Getting the groove on…..whats going on with my time?

Right now, well, writing.

Resume was the first thing, writing was the second.

Having a good time doing so and relentless hours putting up some content.  At least thats my goal.  Might turn into an everything small blog about stuff….or alot of stuff about stuff big blog, or maybe somehere in between.  Im not sure which way this one is going to go but so far has been fun.

If youve read this far, hope you enjoy the reading.

Below is night one. 10 April 2012