Random thoughts for those who travel. Ridiculous thoughts for those who dont. Until you know me, it might not make sense.HA.

…..lazy synopsis and mass generalizations

Here and there, now and then, working slowly through the interesting and amazing places on this globe.  Commenting about whatever may come along, usually things that most people find useless to talk about or absurd to even mention.  Taking the simplistic of sightings and turning them into a big world mention.  If in any case, to appease my mind and get some of the idiotic, purposeful (thinking large) and and off the wall ideas floating around this noggin – out for all to see.  No real direction, cause or external merit required in any comment or story.  What comes to mind, is on the mind and hopefully translated on these pages.

If and when you get into the endzone, act you have been there a thousand times before.

….gord downie.


Relaxing on the largest hammock in Colombia.


From the mountains…..


To the sea….


And the city…..this is Colombia.

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