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$9 BEERS, you kidding me? Argos unveil their new jerseys at a classy event, but not $9 beers.

1 May 12

Metro Toronto convention center hosted the Toronto Argonauts season ticket holder jersey unveiling last night and it was well attended, well organized and somewhat of a star studded affair.

One of the best reasons for following the CFL and the Argos is the public access to players and coaches in a very informal way.  Access not granted in any other sport.  It is the essence of this wonderful football league, who this year is celebrating the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto at the end of November.

Lights, stages, displays, food areas, casino,  interactive exhibits and a bit of a hob knob in the whos who of the Argos, lit up the convention hall for a couple hours – we were there –  and we certainly did enjoy it.

The biggest disappointment was the convention centers pricing of suds.  A domestic bottle of brew selling at $9.  NINE BUCKS?  Are you kidding me?  For serious football followers, keep in mind, many of the events during the Grey Cup week will be take place at this same location and I certainly hope they get their pricing a little more pocket book friendly or people will certainly shy away.  For our group it is pretty much unheard of that we wouldn’t purchase a frosty beverage during any football event, game or otherwise..……..in fact, this evening will go down as the first time ever that we went dry.  It certainly says something about the tolerance level for high priced beers having gone over the top.  A $10 tall boy at the dome is bearable.  A severely over priced bottle of beer in the convention center, no way!  Enough of that rant……..a pit stop afterwards at Joe Badalis restaurant/bar  across the street for $7 pints of decent ale was the remedy.

Back to the event.  For those in the CFL/Argos football know, here are some of the people who were in attendance: Ricky Ray, Damon Allen, Jason Maas, GM Jim Barker, Pres Chris Judge, Prefontaine, Chad Owens, Drurie, Jordan Younger, Jeff Keeping……at least a dozen other players…………and of course, Mike Pinball Clemons staying till the bitter end as to make sure he greets and meets anyone and everyone who waits in line for a few minutes of his time.  Remarkable guy.

As for the jerseys, they were ok…..nothing spectacular or “wow”, but not terrible either.  Of course, the jerseys were the focus…….creating a buzz around the team the goal.  Certainly for those in attendance the event provided this.

Good to see many of my “football friends”……the ones you say goodbye to at the last game every  year and say hi to at the first.  It will be fun to be in the city this summer, if only for the Argos games alone.



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