Random thoughts for those who travel. Ridiculous thoughts for those who dont. Until you know me, it might not make sense.HA.

A nice lunch at JIMs on Queen East.

897 Queen St East. Lesliville.

Jims diner for lunch with big guy, dad.

Home of “the best westerns”, as it says on the sign outside. $4.50  sandwich, $7 combo with drink.  The western steams all the way through the last bite, a big sandwich which is well put together.

Me, Club on white, mayo of course. Proper chicken breast – which is probably cold and from the night before but who cares, its the right tempurature and that is fresh when it comes to chicken breast on a club anywhere in the city.

Casual, Very clean – never visited the washrooms though – Eyren neither actually she was saying.  Dad comented on how clean the floors were, right to the wall…..hes into that sort of thing. Also liking restaurants simply cause the soup is very hot or the ice cream very cold….simple meus impress him even more.  None the less, Jims is likeable and easy.  No nonsense fast service, not eager to kick you out either.  Busy times you might share a table, after 2 pm you might be in there alone, or with the Toronto Sun kicking around as well.


Started writing this for my dad just to see if he’d read it.

If youre reading this thats cool….

I’ll have some more to say Im sure.


Jims Diner

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