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I lost and found my soul in a Big Mac pt.1 of 3

An Expensive Big Mac.

It is top news in the wonderful world of economics that McDonalds has decided to lower the price of the Big Mac (and other menu items) in Israel.  Apparently this is not about value for food, gluttony, our the fast paced world we live in, but rather, an actual economic indicator of some sort.

Written yesterday in the Jerusalum Post was an article referring to this unexpected drop in the “benchmark price of the Big Mac” throughout Israel.


I was visiting Israel in the fall for 3 months and although I never actually ate at McDonalds, I did have a look at the menu a couple of times, to see what they were offering ie. Kosher vs. non Kosher.  In fact McDonalds was one of the only American franchises in the country I could find.  I heard tales of Starbucks being driven out of there within a calendar year…..so this is possibly a picky place. With that said, the all American burger restaurant was in full swing, everywhere and people seemed to enjoy it.  Remarkable were the prices though.  Using my quick (but not entirely accurate exchange rate of 4:1 –shekels to the US dollar), you could easily spend upwards of $10 on a regular Big Mac meal. This of course is expensive for the value meal but none the less also reflective of the country where everything is more expensive. Me, going directly there from wonderful 3rd world Honduras, the prices seemed like highway robbery (see: lets just go for a walk to the beach, that wont cost us anything).

In any case, reading about the Big Mac its self got me thinking about two particular personal situations involving this menu item at this restaurant.  The first, where in fact I vowed never to go to McDonalds again – ever.  And the second, six years later where I ate a Big Mac meal – for the first time since my vow – that saved my soul.  Location one: Thailand.  Location two: Luxor, Egypt.  Stories to follow in pt 2 and 3 blog.

Below: south Israel, on the way to Elat…a highway service center.  Aroma Cafe to the left……the store whos name starts with an ‘X’, reading right to left.  Probably the favorite of my places to go for a coffee if it was on the run, more or less.  Coffees were absolutely amazing in Israel, and coffee shops were everywhere.

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